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    When I first joined UNICEF, I would come home and talk about my day during dinner with my husband and son. He was about 8 at the time and I wasn't sure he was actually listening to my rambling about office issues: stories about crazy bosses, inefficiencies at the workplace, unfair attitudes, petty behavior, etc...

    But he did. And he started drawing cartoons about what he understood from this world. He named them "UN Office Matters." They always made me laugh. And laughing helps you keep your sanity. Perhaps that's why the TV show, The Office, was so popular. Below you can see his rendition when I learned I got my recent promotion.

    I've had many people asking me about how to get a job at UNICEF or what's like working there, so I decided to write a blog about these snipts of my worklife, from frustration to amazing moments of pride. Hopefully, these blogs will be like these early dinners conversations, but a little more edited, of course!